Princess Elettra Marconi

Who was my father

Nobel Price, pioneer of radio waves telecommunications, must be considered as the father of the wireless transmission systems

He dedicated all his life to research and his inventions are the ones that changed the world.

“ The so called 'sience', that I'm dealing with, it is nothing but the expression of the Supreme Will, aimed to make people closer with the scope to help them to bettere understand and improve themselves”

Our project

In the historic center of Bologna, in the Piazza di Porta Ravegnana where the famous Asinelli and Garisenda towers rise, five urban routes converge and merge, of which Via San Vitale is the artery connecting the center of Bologna to the city of Ravenna. On the Via San Vitale is the Palazzo Orsi-Marconi.

Marconi's daughter, Princess Elettra, wishes to revive the Palace through the creation of a Study and Research Center where young people can learn more about the passions of her father Guglielmo Marconi; a place to develop new ideas by drawing inspiration from Marconi's creations.

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